• We have a very rich and solid background and experience that spans over 35 years in the field of construction and residential apartments and villas compound, business and commercial buildings in Egypt and abroad.
  • Highly renowned for being a real estate development expert and entrepreneur. Founder of a number of companies that acquired a strong reputation in the market for high quality products and customer commitment.
  • Acquired unique experience in all aspects of the real estate development value chain starting from the technical aspects of construction through the commercial and legal aspects of land acquisition to the formulation.
  • Leadership of large project teams consisting of various local and international consultants and subcontractors.
  • A keen eye that grabs opportunities with the right level of return on investment complemented by his innate edge to sense great potential.
    Oriented leadership influential abilities that mobilize people and turn vision into reality.
  • Strong ability to create and maintain vast networks of contacts in the various communities related to the urban development business.
  • Possesses significant experience in handling contractual and legal issues related to urban development, which might be quiet challenging.

Key Benefits and Features

MENA for Real Estate Development Consultancy helps owners and developers to have the ability to better execute projects for maximum profitability through handing over the projects on time, within budget and according to the defined quality and scope. This comes from the company’s long and professional experiences in the field of Real Estate Development and consultancy.

Expertise and Teamwork

Our team has been working together for a long time, achieving many success stories with our clients and establishing landmark projects in Egypt and the region.

Management System

Our entire management system gives us the advantage of providing our clients with professional high quality services.

Risk Tolerance

We are taking calculated and measured risks, and constantly look for ways to mitigate risk. Nevertheless, development is a risky business if you do not have a professional success partner.

Problem Solving

With our experience and know-how, we realize that there is usually more than one solution to a problem and we analyze the available solutions to find the best.

Creative Site Planning

Finding solutions to zoning issues and dealing with adjacent land owners. Saving and Managing Time and Cost, Maximize Efficiency and Productivity Profitability: Better execution of projects for maximum profitability